Apr. 11, 2019

What is the TSS?

You probably did not come here by chance and you've probably already heard about TSS, or maybe you've even used it before. The TSS is the acronym for "Tungsten Super Shot". As the name suggests, it is therefore tungsten pellets that can be used for many things but especially, in this case, to make your own ammunition at very high performance.

Why the TSS?
First, it is an alloy that does not contain lead and therefore is NOT TOXIC to the environment. It can therefore be used legally in wet areas.

Then the density of the TSS is the most important of all substitute shots on the market: steel, bismuth, copper and sphero-tungsten included.

As a result, the lethality (penetration, residual speed) of this type of ball is simply the best on the market today and this for a long time. This allows you to make clean shoots at long distances, with exceptional shooting comfort.