Tungsten Alloy Military Spheres

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Free Shipping. MOQ:10kg Tungsten alloy military sphere is widely used for military purposes. It is usually consisted of W-Ni- Fe or W-Ni- Cu or even W-Ni-Cu-Fe, some tungsten alloys also contain Co, Mo, Cr, etc. The product can be manufactured in many sizes. Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere Very dense, 1.7 times heavier than lead, tungsten is the ideal metal for military purposes. Tungsten is non-toxic and safe material, so military sphere made of tungsten alloy is often used to replace lead. Owing to its great hardness and resistance to high temperature, it is increasingly adopted for military purposes and defense.. Applications of Tungsten Alloy Military Sphere Tungsten alloy can be used for bullets or pellets in various military applications such as pellets used inside a shotgun shell. Lead shot and bullets have been banned in many areas bullet head tungsten alloy military fittings because of the environmental concerns. The main substitute materials are steel, bismuth and tungsten. The main advantages of tungsten military sphere that is used as pellet is that it is very dense, and very hard. The density allows the pellets to travel longer distances without loosing energy, while the hardness allows the pellets to keep their shape while being accelerated by the powder charge, which increases the muzzle velocity. Tungsten alloy spheres are also used in hand grenade, armor piercing projectile, prefabricated fragments. Tungsten military sphere is small in volume and very dense. Allowing them to penetrate armor and damage targets. Tungsten alloy has been used in missile weapons, armor piercing ammunition, tungsten alloy bullet, shrapnel head, core for armor-piercing bullet measurement, kinetic energy penetrators, armor and shells.

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